Anthony Mann

Anthony Mann is crazy for adventure. The 26-year old Tasmanian was bitten by some strange bug over ten years ago, which made him go nuts if he did anything "normal" for too long. Since that time, Anthony has lived and worked in Brazil, Japan, Nepal, New Caledonia, and travelled to many other corners of the globe. His adventures have taken him trekking in the Himalaya, trekking and mountaineering in the Andes, rock climbing in the European Alps, as well as bushwalking, white water rafting, surfing, climbing and sea kayaking all throughout his beloved Tasmania.

Anthony is a recent graduate from the University of Tasmania. He was awarded the Governor's Environmental Scholarship for his research on an endangered species of eucalypt, and was admitted to the degree of Bachelor of Science with first class honours in December 2005. He has a passion for anything to do with the natural environment, and part of his motivation for Oz by Bike is educating others on the importance of caring for our planet, and working towards a sustainable future through non-polluting forms of transport.

Anthony is also an advocate for cross-cultural harmony. Since his year as an exchange student in Brazil in 1997, he has worked hard to encourage intercultural understanding and tolerance, working mainly with teenagers from various countries around the world. This work has earned him an outstanding award for excellence from AFS Intercultural Programs Australia, and a nomination for Tasmania's young achiever of the year. He also spent 5 months working as a volunteer in Nepal, helping children develop their skills in the English language, and in intercultural awareness.

The non-stop dream box inside Anthony's head has been planning Oz by Bike for several years now - and now his dream is coming true. If there's one thing he's learnt, it's that there's nothing stopping you from achieving your dreams - all you need is a bit of courage!

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